The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with P


Do you know the answer?


  1. Perhaps
    1. Could be
    2. Noncommittal response
    3. Quite possibly
    4. Unusually sharp after exercise? not necessarily
    5. Maybe iodine isn't found in variety of sapphire
  2. Perhaps”
    1. From nazareth?


  1. Minister's aide
  2. Former reality star/political aide
  3. Prime minister once visiting the dentist
  4. I can't shop freely without visiting this maybe
  5. Visiting kenya, maybe
  6. Visiting the w. coast, maybe
  7. Maybe miss visiting hotel? try motel after a spin
  8. Visiting the vet, maybe
  9. Prime minister outlining liberal minister's responsibility
  10. Prime minister whose daughter became prime minister
  11. Less sensitive minister to cut political address
  12. ___ minister political satire british sitcom from the 80s
  13. Male minister, maybe
  14. Contents of a political tract, maybe
  15. Under political attack, maybe
  16. Antony's faithful aide, i
  17. Bands assistant or aide, put another way?
  18. Bonaparte aide
  19. Personal aide to selina meyer on veep
  20. Aide's job


  1. Desert shrub
  2. Tuberous veggie
  3. Emperor who committed suicide in 68 ad
  4. Noted nixon interviewer
  5. Barnyard bleater
  6. One step more than giga-
  7. Research bacteria
  8. Like butterfly nets