The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Having saw like teeth"

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  1. Sawed
    1. Worked in a lumber mill
    2. Cut a cord, say
    3. Lumbered, in a way
    4. Cut wood
    5. Cut through wood
    6. Made logs into boards


  1. Concerned with teeth, after front teeth half removed by accident
  2. When the top teeth close over the bottom teeth
  3. When the bottom teeth close over the top teeth
  4. Having ones wisdom teeth pulled, e.g
  5. Having prominent teeth especially in a smile
  6. Having saw-teeth like retreads
  7. Mistress maybe having no front teeth ate thus?
  8. Order into detention having teeth
  9. Mammals having few or no teeth
  10. Risk a hurt from gross snake having ten teeth left, scarily
  11. Lip having large teeth almost covering length
  12. Having teeth
  13. Having teeth, as a knife
  14. Attendee struggled, having no teeth
  15. Does the owner ever forget having such teeth?
  16. Grinding teeth, lions having a good time
  17. Teeth
  18. They have strong teeth
  19. It's good for the teeth
  20. Some do it through their teeth


  1. Closer's concern
  2. Maxes out
  3. Battered cattle food congealed
  4. Item in a java jacket
  5. Some rest on theirs
  6. Korean for ''three stars''
  7. Ettore's evening
  8. Angels, maybe