The answer to this crossword puzzle is 13 letters long and begins with C.
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Crossword Answers for "*have what it takes"

Added on Sunday, January 10, 2021

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  1. Cutthemustard
    1. Sauce engaging foremost of university tutors, leading those people to make the grade
    2. Do you start to toss them in sweet sauce?
    3. Hacked it, as a farmer?
    4. Copper on case of theft was informed arrests have to make the grade
    5. Reach a required standard
    6. Ignore one proverbially keen, but do well enough


  1. Painter who said to see takes time like to have a friend takes time
  2. Takes in or takes on
  3. Takes new position or just takes it easy
  4. Seems he takes a breath and takes off
  5. He takes risks when another takes cover
  6. Takes in or takes out
  7. Takes for granted or takes on
  8. Takes into custody, takes to jail
  9. One of the waltons takes takes a queen's part with a king
  10. Takes on board and takes legal action over boat
  11. Takes in or takes out
  12. Have to have the boy to have them all in stitches
  13. To have had 'er in suspense like this would have been to have had 'er in want
  14. The dogs i have have no pedigrees, and there you have it in writing
  15. In order to have placed edward here we have to have parted with 35 across
  16. Have to have been the leader to have been so annoying
  17. They have to have leslie, and they have a point there
  18. Actor who said "some people have youth, some have beauty—i have menace"
  19. Sounds as if you have to have a lie for this, but you don't have to
  20. Have to have got around the street to have made it home


  1. Food chain founded as petes super submarines
  2. A low, half open level of a building
  3. Craniums
  4. Spicy hot milk drink, curdled with wine or beer
  5. Floating water plant found on the surface of ponds
  6. This hero singer shares a surname with drew carey
  7. French resort, site of the first winter olympics
  8. Cross between arctic and grizzly bear