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  1. Harry connick jr. album "when harry met ___"
  2. Harry gets praise — along with harry's granny
  3. Harry connick jr. soundtrack "when harry ___"
  4. Magician harry, sr. or harry, jr
  5. Whom harry describes as 'probably the bravest man i ever knew' (harry never met me)
  6. Friend of harry in the harry potter books
  7. Harry potter and the ___ of the phoenix (fifth installment in the harry potter series)
  8. San francisco-born actor who played harry callahan in the dirty harry films (2 wds.)
  9. The scar had not pained harry for nineteen years. all ___. closing lines from harry potter and the deathly hallows: 2 wds.
  10. Aunt of prince harry
  11. Any tom, dick and harry
  12. Wills and harry? troublesome pair, as anne heard
  13. Harry's successor
  14. William and harry's mothe
  15. Harry potter's best frien
  16. Dirty harry director don
  17. Harry hotspur runs away in sequel
  18. Harry potter villain
  19. Rickman of the harry potter films
  20. Harry potters ex-girlfriend / register sound


  1. Astrological sign personified as the water bearer
  2. Tribute, remembrance at funerals
  3. Fiord, norways picturesque tourist site
  4. Williamina , she ranked stellar spectra
  5. Six octave piano gifted to beethoven in 1817
  6. Half human, half fairy creatures in irish legends
  7. Plant , planned development of better species
  8. Prose narrative on the mythology of the vikings