CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Half of a dna strand"

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  1. Strand during a storm, maybe
  2. Strand material
  3. Strand, as during a blizz
  4. Strand in winter, maybe
  5. Strand, somehow
  6. Strand of cotton or other fibre
  7. Org. that aids the strand
  8. Rent collector finally entering the strand
  9. Strand from a parent
  10. Thin strand
  11. Equipment provided for building on the strand?
  12. Something seen on canal or strand
  13. Strand up north, say
  14. Warning - horse out of control in the strand
  15. Drive onto strand, reportedly, to find wood
  16. Stiff plastic strand on a toothbrush
  17. Pasta strand
  18. 'for who would leave, unbrib'd, --'s land, / or change the rocks of scotland for the strand?' (samuel johnson)
  19. 'strand of cotton, silk etc (6)'
  20. Not down the strand for this


  1. Name yelled by stanley
  2. Jerry herman musical 'mack & ___'
  3. Mostly confused, learning english in it
  4. 9-down offering
  5. Speeders step on it
  6. A very hard, brittle, bluish-white metal; the densest naturally occurring element
  7. Start of some congregation names
  8. A person who incites someone to commit a crime or assists the perpetrator of a crime