The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with B.
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Crossword Answers for "Hairstyle for busy people"

Added on Sunday, May 2, 2021

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  1. Beehive
    1. Extremely blonde, what i have is a 1960s' hairstyle
    2. Second letter i have written about hungary's area of industry
    3. Where queen resides in style?
    4. Do type
    5. Home to a queen
    6. Place for a comb


  1. Ridiculous hairstyle worn by very extreme people?
  2. Trendy hairstyle for men
  3. Bun hairstyle, unfamiliar on celebrity, turning heads
  4. Mark in hairstyle's a dreadful spot, a real shock
  5. High hairstyle
  6. Thick hairstyle
  7. Extremely funny conservative hairstyle gets brutal treatment
  8. Much-derided hairstyle seen in 1-, 17-, 24-, 39-, 47- and 58-across
  9. Hairstyle with little thick curls
  10. *out-of-vogue hairstyle akin to a mullet
  11. Quaint hairstyle
  12. Hairstyle rarely seen in the military
  13. Punk hairstyle
  14. Like a models hairstyle?
  15. Hairstyle that might have a lot of spray
  16. Short hairstyle
  17. Simple hairstyle
  18. Extremely blonde, what i have is a 1960s' hairstyle
  19. Curly hairstyle
  20. Having rasta hairstyle is terrifying


  1. The beatles sang about a yellow one
  2. The teenage mutant ninjas are this animal
  3. One who performs tightrope or trapeze tricks
  4. Large flat dishes for serving dinner on
  5. Soft wool jacket, fastened at the front
  6. Person always at the front, and has followers
  7. Delayed ones morning alarm for a few minutes
  8. Burning or corrosive, like acid