The answer to this crossword puzzle is 13 letters long and begins with F.
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Crossword Answers for "Hairdressing tool"

Added on Sunday, May 2, 2021

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  1. Finetoothcomb
    1. Hair groomer with narrow points
    2. Symbol of investigative thoroughness
    3. Symbolic instrument for a thorough investigation
    4. Hairdressing implement with close prongs (for careful examination?)
    5. Metaphor for a thorough search
    6. One used to search thoroughly and elaborately cold bit of the moon


  1. Fail to progress being late for hairdressing appointment?
  2. Hairdressing operation?
  3. Girl taking on hairdressing business
  4. Crazy about writer's hairdressing
  5. Wrongly enter hairdressing establishment offering health treatments
  6. Hairdressing establishment
  7. Sarah operating in hairdressing establishment?
  8. Son does simple hairdressing and saves money
  9. Loans for hairdressing establishment
  10. Loans given to hairdressing establishment
  11. Hairdressing implement with close prongs (for careful examination?)
  12. Hairdressing branch on the up
  13. Waller and hairdressing
  14. Harris leaves hairdressing blueprint
  15. Hairdressing cherub?
  16. Wherein to find art in hairdressing?
  17. Hairdressing shop
  18. Financial supporter not available to back hairdressing product
  19. Available to men and women, clothes or hairdressing salons
  20. Brand of liquid that disinfects hairdressing tools


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