The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with B.
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Crossword Answers for "Haggled for a better price"

Added on Wednesday, June 5, 2019
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CODYCROSS Resorts Group 549 Puzzle 3

  1. Showing or involving great vitality
  2. Us state where breaking bad was set
  3. Cultural trip once taken by the upper classes
  4. The most desperately in need of food
  5. Foretold
  6. One of the key ingredients in nutella
  7. A physical feeling
  8. Experts in the field of plant life
  9. A complaint lodged against plans
  10. Writing material made from animal skins


  1. Bargained
    1. Haggled
    2. Before thr price was agreed the pub made a profit
    3. Continued to argue terms — lawyers bene­fited
    4. Haggled
    5. Haggled in pub, and profited
    6. Drinks supplier, having made profit, discussed terms


  1. Haggled
  2. Haggled
  3. Haggled in pub, and profited
  4. Lawyers profited from having haggled
  5. Where greeks haggled
  6. Price changed, price not right? precarious situation!
  7. Price guess on “the price is right”
  8. Had t’price altered, offering a very low price
  9. 'having paid the price, they rise and may have to pay the price (8)'
  10. Price changed price not right its very steep
  11. Offer a better price than (a competitor)
  12. Higher price — better quality
  13. Do better with american capital for very best price
  14. Try to get a better price
  15. Become better american by reversing oil and energy price
  16. Vie for a better price
  17. Swindler displays better price, i see
  18. Tries for a better price
  19. Is better than all other competitors, price-wise
  20. They give a better price


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