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  1. Hachiko's breed
  2. Hachi: ___ movie starring richard gere that is based on a true story of a dog named hachiko: 3 wds.
  3. Breed of dog
  4. Breed - nicer sea
  5. Breed from the british is
  6. Black cattle breed
  7. Breed of cat
  8. Welsh breed
  9. Heavy breed of draft horse from scotland
  10. Dog of a mixed breed
  11. Egyptian ___ (cat breed)
  12. Welsh breed of dog
  13. Chicken breed
  14. Cattle or chicken breed
  15. Concerned with good breed
  16. English cattle breed
  17. Breed of sheep
  18. Horse breed known for dressage [western writer]
  19. Egyptian ___ (spotted cat breed)
  20. Scottish city that lent its name to a cattle breed


  1. Fruit delivered on horseback its a gentle run round
  2. What bauxite is for aluminum
  3. Forget its a way to bid at auction with reserve
  4. Famous musical
  5. First man to travel in space
  6. Family bathroom designed primarily to accommodate toilet
  7. French composer of the carnival of the animals, first published in 1922
  8. Fine linen or cotton