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  1. A guide to confident living author
  2. Star who appeared on the first cover of tv guide (and who holds the record for the most tv guide covers) (2 wds.)
  3. More than self-confident
  4. In a self-confident and lively manner
  5. Like a poker player whos either very confident or really bluffing
  6. Arrogantly confident
  7. Be confident in
  8. Evil genius captures one confident of success
  9. Confident in grabbing girl in stream
  10. Confident puzzlers' tools
  11. Man on board, fellow going to be more confident
  12. Overly confident
  13. Confident to a fault
  14. Confident solver's tool
  15. Offensively confident
  16. How confident solvers may solve
  17. Overly self-confident
  18. Confident expectation
  19. Confident and charming
  20. Tool for a confident solv


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