The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with T.
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Crossword Answers for "Gruesome __ pair of monsters in wacky races"

Added on Sunday, January 6, 2019
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CODYCROSS Wild West Group 437 Puzzle 5

  1. Hot chili paste or powder in north african cuisine
  2. One on the periodic table
  3. Ship's captain
  4. An ill-fated 1912 voyage took place on this ship
  5. Glued stuck
  6. Gwen __ lead singer with no doubt
  7. Taxonomic group beneath genus
  8. Could be done in the sun or the tub
  9. Country directly to the north of estonia
  10. Actor cast as wolverine in nine films: hugh __


  1. Twosome
    1. Couple with other siblings, initially in book
    2. Couple taking up work on farm, appearing in book
    3. Couple in book holding pig back
    4. Couple's piggy-back portrayed in book
    5. Little time taken by nameless ladies acquiring overlarge item
    6. Couple also a problem, we hear


  1. The gruesome __, rhyming wacky races monsters
  2. __ twosome, pair of monsters in wacky races
  3. Vehicles, say, used in wacky races
  4. Station wagons, say, taking part in wacky races
  5. 'wacky races' character who later got her own cartoon
  6. The ____ mob drove the bulletproof bomb in wacky races
  7. Cartoon character that originated in the hanna-barbera animated series 'wacky races'
  8. Rufus __, wacky races lumberjack driver
  9. Mean __, dastardly & muttley's car in wacky races
  10. The __ coupe, ghoulish wacky races car
  11. __ pat pending, wacky races scientist, drives no.3
  12. The __ mob, insect-named wacky races gangsters
  13. __ bear, wacky races anxious sidekick to lazy luke
  14. __ meekley, wacky races pal of sergeant blast's
  15. Dick __, triple drat wacky races villain
  16. Ms pitstop's car in wacky races, the compact __
  17. The turbo __, peter perfect's car in wacky races
  18. __ mob, gangster challengers in wacky races
  19. Penelope __, glamorous wacky races racing driver
  20. The __ chugabug, lazy luke's wacky races car


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  2. Sense single mans suffering from futility
  3. Senior teacher desires maths to be done differently
  4. Service provider for other service providers
  5. Senior diplomat&rsquo s fuss over retreat set up by american singer
  6. Serious error getting second home
  7. Senora, quiet, in new search for answers
  8. Serious gloomy american disposing of millions