CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Group often threatened in dystopian fiction"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Humanrace
    1. Earthlings
    2. Seriously endangered group in mary shelley's "the last man"
    3. All people are part of it
    4. ''our'' side in a sci-fi battle
    5. People everywhere
    6. We're all in this together


  1. Dystopian 1920 play
  2. *dystopian novel set in the year 2540
  3. Dystopian backdrop
  4. Dystopian film of 1971
  5. Comedic actor who wrote the dystopian novel '2030'
  6. Dystopian series by veronica roth
  7. Dystopian huxley novel with a title from shakespeare's 'the tempest'
  8. 1985 dystopian novel in which a theocracy has reduced women to second-class citizens
  9. 1953 dystopian novel in which books have been outlawed
  10. Dystopian author gets nothing right, fortunately
  11. Dystopian sci-fi cyberpunk series popular on netflix where a prisoner returns to life in a new body after 250 years with one chance to win freedom: 2 wds.
  12. Aldous huxley's vision of a future dystopian society (1932)
  13. ___-four dystopian satirical novel written by george orwell as a warning against totalitarianism: 2 wds.
  14. Unsteady platform traps man often threatened by mate
  15. One blowing up when threatened
  16. React like a threatened d
  17. Maiden threatened, note, circled by a camel leaving tracks
  18. Loudly threatened with undereducated displays
  19. Threatened cut briefly in question
  20. Threatened ferociously


  1. Creeping or trailing plant of tropical america such as tradescantia fluminensis or zebrina pendula
  2. True ___ arnold schwarzenegger starrer action film
  3. Lucid dreams
  4. What remains after the smoke clears
  5. La bamba rock band ___ lobos
  6. Actor perlman who starred in the 2004 superhero film hellboy
  7. Patch of hair above each of 60a
  8. Tree widely used for landscaping