The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with H

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Group often threatened in dystopian fiction"

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  1. Humanrace
    1. Earthlings
    2. Seriously endangered group in mary shelley's "the last man"
    3. All people are part of it
    4. ''our'' side in a sci-fi battle
    5. All of the people of the earth
    6. ___ to mankind


  1. Unsteady platform traps man often threatened by mate
  2. Dystopian 1920 play
  3. *dystopian novel set in the year 2540
  4. Dystopian backdrop
  5. Dystopian film of 1971
  6. Comedic actor who wrote the dystopian novel '2030'
  7. 1992 dystopian novel in which mass infertility has doomed the human race
  8. Dystopian series by veronica roth
  9. 2006 dystopian film with keanu reeves
  10. Opposite of dystopian
  11. 1932 dystopian novel in which humans give up individuality to mindlessly pursue pleasure
  12. A dystopian novel
  13. Dystopian huxley novel with a title from shakespeare's 'the tempest'
  14. 1985 dystopian novel in which a theocracy has reduced women to second-class citizens
  15. 1953 dystopian novel in which books have been outlawed
  16. Dystopian author gets nothing right, fortunately
  17. Dystopian sci-fi cyberpunk series popular on netflix where a prisoner returns to life in a new body after 250 years with one chance to win freedom: 2 wds.
  18. Aldous huxley's vision of a future dystopian society (1932)
  19. ___-four dystopian satirical novel written by george orwell as a warning against totalitarianism: 2 wds.
  20. 2005 dystopian novel adapted into a 2010 film


  1. Abducted nad, drunk, having slept around
  2. Rich old king
  3. Search shed, in which cameron finally is found?
  4. "support turkey!" - american senate's leader
  5. Dig out the centre of millstone
  6. Food and drink for entertaining politician leading old city
  7. Tricky navigation - a time one must leave city with a bridge
  8. Second-rate 'strictly' particip­ant entertaining one and all - such may offer fun at blackpool?