The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with A.
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Added on Monday, May 3, 2021
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  1. Aristotle
    1. So-called father of zoology
    2. Philosopher who said man is by nature a political animal
    3. Tutor of alexander the gr
    4. By which to find out what went wrong with parking at most hectic northbound subway?
    5. Old greek, to realist, is mad
    6. Upper class person starts to take lessons with european philosopher


  1. Greek thinker who founded the lyceum school
  2. State lyceum being regularly visited
  3. One failing to gain a place in a lyceum, at first so put out
  4. Line of french reservists invading lyceum
  5. Head of lyceum getting paid for knowledge
  6. Describes sacred person buried in jericho lyceum
  7. Let that be a lesson to train leaders in a lyceum
  8. Lyceum emptied after debut of elijah wood
  9. Help retired head of lyceum to make call
  10. Plato's academy and aristotle's lyceum were there
  11. Greek philosopher who founded stoicism
  12. Philosopher-king philosopher
  13. Friedrich —; philosopher who co-founded marxism and wrote the communist manifesto with karl marx
  14. Religion founded by indian philosopher gautama
  15. The philosopher gautama who founded a great eastern religion
  16. Philosopher, founded the school of empiricism
  17. Indian philosopher who founded a major religion
  18. Chinese philosopher said to have founded taoism
  19. Greek philosopher who fou
  20. Greek philosopher, large and fat, turning to consume last of meat


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