The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Grabbed before anyone else could"

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  1. Work of art grabbed by girl as one could be wounded
  2. Pass out before long, having grabbed wife
  3. Little time grabbed by patient before you, one reflects
  4. Anyone unladylike could find no place there
  5. Could his dam do for anyone so way-out?
  6. Son's nursing a broken hip but anyone could get water with these
  7. 'i admired anyone who could ____ people' (j g ballard)
  8. Missing out university, anyone could turn into a popular author
  9. There isn't anyone could make 30 acros
  10. Edinburgh medic could treat anyone with cold
  11. Impose before anyone else, as comic mason would say
  12. Has a burning desire for artist returning to relative before anyone else
  13. Clique of cows who totally knew about this patch of grass before anyone else?
  14. M*a*s*h character o'reilly who hears choppers before anyone else
  15. Like a peer before anyone else?
  16. "m*a*s*h" character who hears choppers before anyone else
  17. I’ve never ___ anyone like you before
  18. Things that might be grabbed by someone in an argument
  19. Hang about - cockney's grabbed some money after turning
  20. European secure after revolution, having grabbed a piece of electronic equipment


  1. Swashbuckler's delight
  2. Olympic runner johnson
  3. To become quiet or subdued
  4. Pasternak protagonist
  5. Temporary failure
  6. Port near kilauea
  7. Gossip when buffet and tea are served in court
  8. Ans.-machine recording