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  1. Most virtuous dealer, maybe, embracing success
  2. More virtuous
  3. Virtuous
  4. More virtuous than thou
  5. Excessively virtuous person
  6. Sexually virtuous
  7. What a virtuous woman is
  8. Very virtuous
  9. Unbelievably virtuous?
  10. Self-righteously virtuous
  11. Principled virtuous
  12. Accepted values of virtuous behavior like ethics
  13. __ fields where virtuous greeks spent eternity
  14. Virtuous holy
  15. Virtuous prude drinks type of milk? the opposite
  16. Pure - virtuous
  17. Big, strong, virtuous person emulating ms dynamite?
  18. Pleasing; virtuous
  19. Virtuous - valid
  20. Virtuous fellow


  1. Thousands of centuries
  2. Boston building, to locals, with 'the'
  3. Spot fleetingly
  4. For the whale it's difficult to get south for fruit
  5. Keen on fish in a soft sort of way
  6. 'avatar' people
  7. Get the job again to get the tip in
  8. One's minute hand takes hours to get around it