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  1. Incites, goads
  2. Runs from part-time correspondent, one who goads
  3. Goads son? that's gratuitous
  4. Goads, incentives
  5. Goads
  6. Elephant goads
  7. Goads skinhead, though it's really not called for
  8. Goads a tinker without justification
  9. Goads with sharp objects
  10. The bullfighter who goads the animal
  11. Traps with goads causing sensation
  12. Goads to action
  13. Goads former wife preceding hard scraps
  14. Incites
  15. Incites, sometimes
  16. Incites to attack with on
  17. Incites sporting purists
  18. Sun's leader incites staff representative
  19. Incites or pushes
  20. Incites - farm produce


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