CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Giving a hoot?"

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  1. Owlish
    1. Wise guy
    2. Like a wise old bird
    3. Wide-eyed and wise-looking
    4. Round-eyed
    5. Goggle-eyed and wise
    6. Whip who is left recalling members of parliament


  1. Giving out by way of giving your autograph
  2. Giving a hand, giving a hand?
  3. Giving ahand,giving a hand - that''s crooked
  4. Very good not to be giving money for what you're giving
  5. A job so ungodly ultimately leading to giving up religion
  6. A bit on the side giving former partner stress
  7. Accident insurer finally sorted out, giving apology for mistake
  8. Trade tuc misrepresented - giving basis for emotional expression?
  9. A number having great influence after giving up work
  10. Stare and laugh, one giving way to love
  11. Referring to trendy wear of french person giving autograph?
  12. Giving orders
  13. One giving you a hand?
  14. Giving heat?
  15. Giving over
  16. Pat turned up about to enter water, giving off a smell
  17. Not emotionally committed to anyone from the bakery giving out for nothing
  18. Advice-giving landers
  19. Generous giving
  20. Not giving up on an argument, say


  1. Criticism set out in abstract
  2. Exhaust physically and/or emotionally
  3. Publication in digital format designed to be downloaded to a kindle, ipad or similar device
  4. Enemy crossing lake ice
  5. Established an underground home with electric light
  6. Evil lurks within tomato plant
  7. Emphatically stated
  8. Romas —, 1992 olympic men's discus gold medallist for lithuania