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  1. - - shelter, prefabricated air-raid shelter
  2. Get from a shelter or give shelter
  3. Places offering shelter and protection
  4. Shelter, protection from danger
  5. Shelter or protection from danger
  6. Shelter or protection, safe accommodation
  7. Place of shelter and protection
  8. Brand protection whose symbol appears within the answers to 17-, 23-, 57-, and 63-across, each of which also carries such protection
  9. Humble clergyman gives me shelter
  10. In decline, bob gives way to george, initially, in shelter
  11. Humble cleric gives me shelter
  12. A good man gives shelter to destitute backward masses
  13. Display rope that gives extra protection when camping
  14. If business costs nothing, perhaps, that gives one no protection
  15. Tonic covered by dominant gives protection on tyneside
  16. Gives protection in fight for romeo in secret love affair
  17. Extremely dense hedge gives protection
  18. Part of london gives protection to former president
  19. Measure introduced in burma somehow gives protection
  20. That gives one no protection


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