The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Give a gentle push"

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  1. Ormolu
    1. Faux gold
    2. Gilt or bronzed metallic ware
    3. Ersatz gold
    4. John collaring man about uniform's decorative coat?
    5. Renovated room, a small one we hear, in golden material
    6. Ornamental gilded bronze


  1. Gentle - light
  2. Symbol of gentle innocence
  3. Gentle pace
  4. Gentle sheen or glow
  5. Gentle farewell
  6. Gentle sheen
  7. Gentle tune
  8. Hill thats steep on one side and gentle on the other
  9. Answer to the riddle what force or strength cannot get through / i, with gentle touch, can do
  10. Gentle sound
  11. Gentle reminder
  12. Gentle heat setting
  13. Ridge with a gentle slope on one side and a steep slope on the other
  14. Gentle rising and falling of a sort
  15. Gentle discipline for a misbehaving child
  16. Gentle rise and fall of t
  17. Gentle alternative to 20-
  18. From gentle to steep for
  19. Gentle touches
  20. Gentle hint, a member assumes


  1. Call heard at night
  2. They rush to accidents
  3. "a loaf of bread, ___ of wine ..."
  4. Bank of america devices
  5. Dole's successor as senate majority leader
  6. Certain fraternity man, informally
  7. Blown orchestral instrument
  8. Ukulele player with a falsetto voice