The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with C

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Give for free as a drink"

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  1. Comp
    1. Free of charge
    2. Give for free
    3. Give at no charge, as a h
    4. Free, as a ticket
    5. Workers
    6. Worker's ___ (insurance)


  1. Describing lavish meal, drink with drink to drink
  2. Drink, drink and drink again!
  3. Light opera featuring 'drink! drink! drink!'
  4. Story about strong drink or soft drink
  5. Soft drink that started out as "brad's drink"
  6. Time to drink up, seizing a source of drink
  7. Intoxicating drink resembling a soft drink
  8. Drink strong liquor, zero downing soft drink -- extremists of the group
  9. Drink a little here, drink a little there ..
  10. Turn on to drink irish drink
  11. Drink quantity of beer, short and a soft drink, with russian's agreement
  12. Fan with drink after drink
  13. That will serve to get one in the drink and get one the drink
  14. Nip back with a fizzy drink, father, and a fancy drink
  15. Knocked back drink after drink, creating a disturbance
  16. Drink, including regular american soft drink
  17. Advocate taking drink after drink
  18. Drink more than one drink - they give you strength
  19. Knock back drink, last of drink in gloom
  20. Drink after drink shatters her good faith


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  4. ____ played jacob marley's ghost in the 1951 film scrooge
  5. Dick _, mayoral pantomime character with a pet cat
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