The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Giant order of sushi"

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  1. Boat
    1. Bark or punt
    2. The african queen, e.g.
    3. You may follow in its wake
    4. Connection between banks?
    5. One making bank-to-bank transfers?
    6. Ark or bark


  1. Common sushi order
  2. Sushi order
  3. Sushi bar order
  4. Red ___ (sushi order)
  5. Sushi bar order: var.
  6. Sushi bar order, perhaps
  7. Sushi order, perhaps
  8. If the order was not in order this was done in order to change it
  9. Little giant of the giant
  10. Giant of children's literature (well, really a half-giant)
  11. Maine mail order giant
  12. Mail-order giant
  13. Fish whose roe is used in sushi
  14. Sushi consisting of thin slices of fish over rice
  15. Red snapper, at a sushi restaurant
  16. ___ sauce (sushi condiment)
  17. Sushi bar stock
  18. Popular sushi fish
  19. Sushi staple
  20. Sushi fish


  1. Reply facilitator, w/o the stamp
  2. Revolutionary sewer
  3. __ brasi, "the godfather" hatchet man
  4. Inspiring jitters
  5. Good breeding
  6. Vietnam wall designer maya
  7. Stallone film of '90
  8. 'i think,' internet-style