The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with R

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Get back, as lost money"

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  1. Recoup
    1. Get back for
    2. Get back with royal engineers over military takeover
    3. Compensate robert mugabe, discontented with military takeover
    4. Gain back
    5. Win back, as losses
    6. Win back one's losses


  1. 'money, money, money' band
  2. Swedish pop group that sang 'money, money, money'
  3. "money, money, money" musical
  4. 'money, money, money' featuring abba's number one -- concerning this?
  5. Very little money made with back to back risks, maybe
  6. 'push 'em back! push 'em back! way back!'?
  7. Back-to-back-to-back win
  8. Instrument often used in a flashback...back...back...back... *camera pans up everything goes blurry*
  9. Money for money
  10. Indistinctly mentioning money and the production of counterfeit money
  11. Money __ total amount of circulated money
  12. Difference between money coming in and money being spent
  13. Money's money source
  14. Put money on being followed, having lost money
  15. Atm charges, because of course you have to pay some of your own money to access some of your own money
  16. Can't say this about money-makers ¿ they're not supposed to make money!
  17. Money earned by money
  18. 'it takes money to make money,' e.g
  19. Put money in to make money
  20. Chap with money invested in money?


  1. Top of saturated ground
  2. Actor hugh who co-stars with julia roberts in notting hill
  3. Brotherhood; social organization of male students (noun)
  4. Party with smart drinks and cat-in-the-hat hats
  5. Golfer's short sock
  6. Capone and waxman
  7. Genuine or spontaneous
  8. Prepare a gift