The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Garments in the lorax"

Do you know the answer?


  1. He voices the lorax in 'the lorax'
  2. For whom the lorax speaks
  3. Lorax creator
  4. The lorax's creator
  5. Dobbs who blasted 'the lorax' for its environmentalist message
  6. Zac of ''the lorax''
  7. The lorax claims to speak for them
  8. ''protect it from __ that hack'' (''the lorax'' advice)
  9. Dr. ___, creator of the lorax
  10. The once- -- ('the lorax' character)
  11. She voices audrey in 'the lorax'
  12. Lead voice in ''the lorax''
  13. 'the lorax' voice actor
  14. Creator of the lorax
  15. Maker of thneeds in the lorax
  16. The lorax author
  17. Garments worn in old rome
  18. Garments in summer storage, perhaps
  19. Label rarely seen on silk garments
  20. Priests' garments


  1. Kind of particle or wave
  2. Journalists oddly shunning nice gift
  3. Where the poor live and suffer, without a chance to dream
  4. Academic address letters
  5. Old theatre company picked up a stage work
  6. You and i loudly rejected what 'they' are in 25's 4 22
  7. Plant, exhausted, requiring introduction of power and current
  8. Reliable sort has criticism after dropping bat