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  1. Baseball great who was the subject of the 2006 best seller game of shadows
  2. When shadows disappear
  3. When shadows are shortest
  4. Producer of horizontal shadows
  5. In the shadows, perhaps
  6. Stand in the shadows
  7. When shadows are short
  8. Shadows
  9. Shadows, briefly
  10. When shadows almost disap
  11. Instrument that uses shadows to tell the time
  12. Full of shadows
  13. Celestial shadows
  14. Part of eight casts shadows over jack
  15. Hang around in the shadows
  16. Shadows minister at the start of 14 across from seating area in hospital
  17. "house of the long shadows" actor christopher
  18. Book of shadows religion
  19. Ones reading the book of shadows
  20. Steal something from under one of the rear passengers and stay in the shadows


  1. Abuse stradivarius, perhaps, and trombone’s case
  2. Accusation delivered to silent person that is so obvious!
  3. After ring compose tune in unenclosed space
  4. A ruminants heading off south of capital of kenya, african city
  5. A soldier in the pampas? that’s bananas
  6. About to probe chanel, the french globally recognised brand
  7. Action taken without prior knowledge of the consequences
  8. Adolescent initially needs support earlier on