The answer to this crossword puzzle is 14 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Fringe benefit for some reps"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Expenseaccount
    1. Work-related spending fund
    2. This'll make employer pay former writers and each conservative peer
    3. One can expect us, in a way, to provide record of costs
    4. News report about a budget authorization bill?


  1. Cheer up with a fringe benefit
  2. Fringe benefit perhaps available in some industries?
  3. Agent upset somewhat about his initially denied fringe benefit
  4. Unemployment benefit within unemployment benefit: five hundred became one thousand?
  5. Support for a fringe candidate, maybe
  6. Like fringe festival fare
  7. Add fringe to
  8. Fringe of the green?
  9. Fringe group?
  10. Boots maybe with fringe seen in clubs first
  11. Excited group playing at fringe
  12. “fringe on top” carriage of song
  13. ___-right (fringe hate groups)
  14. Forehead fringe
  15. Edwardian novelist and fringe dramatist
  16. "fringe" star anna
  17. Border; fringe
  18. Possess the mind of literary fringe, into the old testament
  19. Fringe report
  20. Loud noise; fringe


  1. Bullet hit lazy person's drink
  2. Lovely place; mole
  3. Source of bananas, a blessing for a monkey
  4. A strange perennial plant
  5. Harmonious sounds
  6. Boyfriend’s part of east london, we hear
  7. Cathedral court walkway
  8. College beginning to see dons hang around here