The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with D.
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Crossword Answers for "Friendly sea mammal can be a bottlenose"

Added on Monday, March 11, 2019
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CODYCROSS London Group 481 Puzzle 2

  1. When full daylight arrives
  2. Abundant in quantity
  3. To change to a new religion; to change currencies
  4. Looking intently at something for a long time
  5. Someone known to speak truthfully: straight __
  6. Budapest is this country's capital
  7. A difficult situation; predicament
  8. Suffering anguish


  1. Dolphin
    1. Marine mammal
    2. Sea mammal
    3. Phil bumped into fellow swimmer
    4. Small whale
    5. Intelligent swimmer
    6. Marine mammal with a beaklike snout


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  3. Bottlenose creature?
  4. Bottlenose kin
  5. Bottlenose relative
  6. Mix of false killer whale and bottlenose dolphin
  7. False killer whale and bottlenose dolphin cross
  8. Friendly nation, to another friendly nation
  9. ___-friendly (environment-friendly)
  10. Sea mammal like large porpoise, friendly towards people
  11. Friendly sea mammal with a beaked nose
  12. I argue that mammal should eat mammal
  13. Marine mammal, named after large land mammal
  14. Mammal eating mammal, a cold dish
  15. Friendly
  16. Agricultural locale thats weed-friendly?
  17. Being friendly, mum turns trendy, when captivated by game
  18. Friendly, minutes after fighting
  19. Media-friendly audio clips
  20. Like family-friendly films


  1. Kept adding to as a tab
  2. Followed chevy suvs?
  3. Name that's a conjunction spelled backward
  4. Chopped-up cabbage dish
  5. The victorian period etc.
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