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  1. "ready are you? what know you of ready?" speaker
  2. Ready to invest in vegetable? ready no longer
  3. Ready to cover the french correspondent's first exclusive
  4. Old french ready mixed cement traps one
  5. Ready to embrace fashionable petite french girl?
  6. German ready to begin serving french prize?
  7. Moscow ready to cause friction with the french
  8. Ready for french from the south to regret nothing?
  9. French ready to capture military leader's area
  10. Italian footballers ready for the french to translate
  11. Formula ready to broadcast, with french actor performing
  12. Dramatically play in italian team ready for french
  13. Sandwich chain whose name is french for “ready to eat”
  14. Sandwich chain whose name means ready to eat in french
  15. French writer of the french majority? not quite
  16. Intro french class for a fluent french speaker, e.g
  17. The french, after a french revolution, free
  18. Lamp base, in french (from the french for 'ass')
  19. Dearth of french leaves french opera externalised in wales
  20. Tedium in french? yes, in french, we hear


  1. What no toiler ought to do
  2. Can i be currently not to make a crossword, perhaps?
  3. That 's the whole of the tree in chopped-up form
  4. Is this what one might be making of 9 across?
  5. One would like to have such a start to the creed
  6. Does one serve to make it no-go?
  7. Sounds in time that you are nervous
  8. Having been shortened, the spanish died in 7 down