CROSSWORD Answers FOR "French for ready to eat"

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  1. "ready are you? what know you of ready?" speaker
  2. Ready to cover the french correspondent's first exclusive
  3. German ready to begin serving french prize?
  4. Ready for french from the south to regret nothing?
  5. French ready to capture military leader's area
  6. Italian footballers ready for the french to translate
  7. Formula ready to broadcast, with french actor performing
  8. Dramatically play in italian team ready for french
  9. Sandwich chain whose name is french for “ready to eat”
  10. Sandwich chain whose name means ready to eat in french
  11. French writer of the french majority? not quite
  12. Sweet of the french, very french tipping
  13. French gold is inclined to create french city
  14. Rich french pastry and name of a french emperor
  15. One french french composer? disentangle that one!
  16. The french, dear french, by day's end womanising
  17. French composer's brief commercial activity, french also
  18. One french, french composer? can you get that straight?
  19. Good french soldier returning to the french base
  20. What pope pronounces french and, favouring old french, is warding off flak?


  1. Requests for a variety of apples
  2. Beauties oddly decrease
  3. Has managed to ring about bulb
  4. Spy shelters south american plant
  5. Treat carefully
  6. Super evil manoeuvring is disgusting
  7. Person acting as a judge?
  8. Take the edge off frank