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  1. Show about samantha and darrin stephens
  2. Tennis star stephens and best-selling author crosley
  3. Darrin stephens's co-workers on 'bewitched'
  4. Tennis phenom stephens
  5. Lawrence work, ending in one by stephens?
  6. ___ stephens, actor son of dame maggie smith
  7. __ stephens, husband of bewitched samantha
  8. One of the kings in kings
  9. One of the kings in the valley of the kings, informally
  10. "we three kings" kings
  11. The kings of "we three kings"
  12. Dessert sometimes topped with another dessert
  13. Kid with no hometown, oft
  14. Einstein's hometown
  15. Little richard's hometown
  16. Lebron jamess hometown
  17. Gerald fords hometown
  18. Hometown of old radio's f
  19. Galileos hometown
  20. President bush's hometown


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  2. Lawns morning moisture
  3. Tempranillo and cava
  4. Frigid zone ice formation
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  6. Rosetta stone
  7. Small nibble
  8. Ancient italys ___ way