The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with S


Do you know the answer?


  1. Skilifts
    1. Vail conveyances
    2. Places to see high chairs
    3. What may help winter sports types reach their peaks?
    4. Mountain climbers, of a sort
    5. They'll take you up
    6. Stowe tows


  1. Carnival of the animals composer
  2. 'carnival of the animals' composer camille saint-___
  3. Dramatist simon who wrote 'plaza suite'
  4. Bird in saint-saëns' the carnival of the animals
  5. Larlésienne suite composer, 1872
  6. Composer john cage's "suite for toy __"
  7. ''mother goose suite'' composer
  8. "grand canyon suite" composer ferde ___
  9. "holberg suite" composer
  10. 'grand canyon suite' composer
  11. Finnish composer (karelia suite, finlandia)
  12. Finnish composer (karelia suite)
  13. Peer gynt suite composer
  14. ''severn suite'' composer
  15. Gustav –, english composer famous for orchestral suite the planets (1914-16)
  16. Composer of suite inspiring greene?
  17. Planets suite composer
  18. Gustav english composer of the planets suite
  19. Ferde ___, american composer, arranger and pianist best known for his grand canyon suite
  20. Gustav ___, english composer whose works include the orchestral suite the planets


  1. Drink drivers taking short month off work
  2. Cover exotic giraffe changing hands
  3. Minor angina confines treehouse builder
  4. Language saying one thing but implying the opposite
  5. The chap got old but still coped
  6. Fish of the salmon family of the uk and europe
  7. Airline left india for island
  8. Issue with first of puppies in mongrel litter