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  1. 'invictus' setting, briefly
  2. William ___ henley, 'invictus' poet
  3. 2016 invictus games city — virginia woolf novel
  4. Mandela portrayer in 'invictus,' 2009
  5. 'invictus' star
  6. President in the 2009 film invictus
  7. Damon of "invictus"
  8. 1958 bobby freeman hit covered by the beach boys and the ramones
  9. Freeman's opposite
  10. Television drama series with benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman based on novels by arthur conan doyle
  11. __ freeman actor and narrator
  12. A landed freeman who is not a knight
  13. 1997 historical drama starring morgan freeman
  14. This is concealed by o freeman!
  15. Freeman portrayed its highway
  16. "lean ---" (morgan freeman film)
  17. '60s secretary of agriculture freeman
  18. Home of the freeman school of business
  19. Hapless fictional character played by simon jones, chris langham, and martin freeman
  20. Morgan freeman matt damon movie


  1. Not the noise of 24 across
  2. Sounds as if something heavy is hangig around here
  3. If you wish to get on in transport, see 4 down
  4. Is he the one tht has you befrogged?
  5. How fishy to have made her jewellery so wet! and so pickled
  6. Having beenon holiday, one might make 15 across and have five hundred at the end of it
  7. Does this alter the money you get back?
  8. Star, as that's where it is