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  1. Freelance for extra income … and a hint to the answers to starred clues
  2. Like freelance work, often
  3. Freelance output: abbr.
  4. How freelance work is typically done
  5. Freelance photographer
  6. Freelance writer retained by editor during shift to the right
  7. Freelance autopsist?
  8. How freelance work is oft
  9. On ___ (like a freelance submission)
  10. Freelance snappers
  11. Working as freelance
  12. Freelance musician's mainstays
  13. Freelance photographer very quietly penning article
  14. Freelance writer intended novel to be gripping
  15. Freelance submission encl
  16. Freelance
  17. How freelance work is often done
  18. Local freelance impossible to shake off
  19. Not freelance
  20. Freelance payments


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