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  1. Off-roader, for short
  2. Middle-of-the-roader
  3. Off-roader (abbr.)
  4. Environmentally irresponsible off-roader
  5. Off-roader's wheels
  6. Off-roader of sorts
  7. *off-roader, often
  8. Off-roader, briefly
  9. Off-roader in brief
  10. Big-wheel big wheel
  11. Wheel-to-wheel shaft
  12. Big wheel with a wheel
  13. Wheel-to-wheel rod
  14. Bad 'wheel of fortune' purchase for the phrase bad wheel of fortune purchase
  15. __ wheel a regulating wheel such as in a watch
  16. Wheel-to-wheel item
  17. Like the 'wheel of fortune' wheel, again and again
  18. Wheel-to-wheel bar
  19. Wheel-to-wheel connector
  20. Wheel ___ tv game show in which contestants solve word puzzles after spinning a giant wheel: 2 wds.


  1. "is the defense ___ to proceed?"
  2. I'd get around a clean, cold little place
  3. Easy score
  4. Assistant in a herculean labor
  5. Walmart, e.g
  6. Domestic potatoes
  7. Congratulations to an english singer's fiance?
  8. Cassidy or kerns