The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Format for podcasts"

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  1. Audio
    1. Sound part of a broadcast
    2. Sound before
    3. Sound system?
    4. Broadcast part
    5. Kind of feedback
    6. Part of a tv transmission


  1. First few minutes of many podcasts
  2. Source of revenue for many podcasts
  3. Format a film so as to preserve the original widescreen cinematic format
  4. Radio format for radiohead
  5. Multimedia file format
  6. Texting format
  7. Certain radio format
  8. Film format thats sometimes in 3-d
  9. Writing in digital format
  10. Texting format, in brief
  11. Format too big for conventional reels
  12. Wide-screen format
  13. Figs. in a 3-2-4 format
  14. Picture file format
  15. Big movie format
  16. Format of some talk radio shows
  17. Wide-screen movie format
  18. Texting format, for short
  19. Digital video file format
  20. Movie format for a big da


  1. Leave somewhere uncultivated
  2. Tofu
  3. Over-curiously
  4. Caught in outrageous denial
  5. Misfired a shot — very rash
  6. Story i want rewritten after i prepare to attack?
  7. R lee —, actor who played gny sgt hartman in 1987 film drama full metal jacket
  8. They give the prices of food taxes