The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Formally declare as true"


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  1. Affirm
    1. Maintain
    2. Validate
    3. Declare commitment to a business, we hear
    4. State emphatically
    5. To confirm ratify or state positively
    6. To state that something is true


  1. Decree declare pronounce formally
  2. Formally declare (appointment)
  3. Formally declare on behalf of one in grip of shellfish
  4. Declare formally
  5. “well, i declare!”
  6. Declare verboten
  7. Declare to be true
  8. First state to declare christmas a legal holiday
  9. Declare free from guilt
  10. Declare frankly
  11. Declare 1950s-style youth should be turned away
  12. Touch and go, declare a firm almost completely bust? it's 27
  13. Declare untrue
  14. Openly declare
  15. Declare openly
  16. Declare false
  17. Declare commitment to a business, we hear
  18. Declare as fact
  19. Declare illegal
  20. Declare girl's a lightweight?


  1. Easily agree best rental being good at accommodation
  2. Jose —, undisputed world welterweight boxing champion from 1969-70
  3. Gradual wearing away
  4. Puts forward 8 letters
  5. Partners or companions in business
  6. Feature on short venetian official as a shining example
  7. Sudden intense excitement
  8. Sick of hearing about united, ok?