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  1. Forget it! or a hint to 17-, 30-, 46- and 62-across
  2. Part of group, don't forget, misses the first quarter
  3. More war-wounded, number hard to forget?
  4. Kipling's "___ we forget!
  5. Not forget
  6. ___ and forget (classic humor piece by james thurber)
  7. ___ we forget
  8. “oh before i forget ” in a text
  9. Forget to include
  10. Brand with a trademark on the phrase “set it and forget it”
  11. I'll never forget retired footballer and knight wearing cap
  12. Forget for years?
  13. Forget - cover with soil
  14. Like days when you forget
  15. Reckoning to forget one line when amongst actors? this encourages change
  16. Like forget-me-nots
  17. I'll forget stupid racist banter
  18. He won’t forget jumbo?
  19. Forget about
  20. Frau's "forget it"


  1. Cut in gnarled tree without having to be intrusive
  2. Embarrassed by bisex­uality of the italian guy
  3. Plans turn up in unsolicited mail
  4. Machinist's work rate poor
  5. Ruffian of the french party, carrying out rape
  6. 28's oath, the last, potentially our last
  7. Stripper from 12 coron­ation street?
  8. Restaurant for the greens?