The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with P.
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Crossword Answers for "Fond of music"

Added on Sunday, January 19, 2020

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  1. Philharmonic
    1. Music-loving
    2. Word found in the title of many orchestras (literally, devoted to music)
    3. Men's club musician?
    4. Devoted to music, philip gets no benefit and no return in particular from the centre
    5. Devoted to music (used in orchestra names)
    6. Orchestra's man arranged main orch.


  1. 'music! music! music!' singer brewer
  2. Music box music
  3. District concerned with production of popular music - commercial side of pop music
  4. Quiet singers always like music, primarily church music
  5. Jamaican music or indian music in which note is repeated
  6. Like bits of old music in some new music
  7. Not the sound of music, it's the breath of music
  8. Bit of music at a music conservatory
  9. Type of us music with roots in british folk music
  10. British dance music act whose 1980s top ten hits include superfly guy and hey music lover
  11. ___ music group music label which has been associated with artists like rihanna and imagine dragons
  12. Style of music that emerged in the 60s which has sub-genres like trance music
  13. The sound of music song about music notes (hyph.)
  14. Piece of music that's not as a piece of music
  15. Get around to write music, but not chamber music, perhaps
  16. Easy __, unexacting music genre aka mood music
  17. Nigerian afrobeat music pioneer and human rights activist who was sent to london in 1958 to study medicine but decided to study music instead
  18. ___ tyler composer who wrote original music for the 2010 action film the expendables and also composed music for now you see me
  19. Simon __; music mogul behind syco music
  20. Top 10 43-across song nominated for the 2017 mtv song of summer video music award and the 2018 mtv best pop video video music award (3 wds.)


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