The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Flood submerge"

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  1. Engulf
    1. Swallow
    2. Surround
    3. Business agent following player
    4. Swallow up, overwhelm
    5. Surround or cover completely
    6. Flood in french part of the middle east?


  1. Submerge
  2. Dip, submerge
  3. Maps that show where you can submerge in the ocean
  4. Submerge at lower level to contain river
  5. Submerge; basin
  6. Submerge while sitting poolside, as one's feet
  7. Water often flows over this to submerge floor covering for spooner
  8. Submerge in water as once for baptism
  9. Submerge (fatally?)
  10. Submerge in water or liquid
  11. Soak or submerge to negotiate river
  12. Weight used to submerge fishing line
  13. Submerge, maybe fatally
  14. Submerge or cover in water
  15. Submerge towards the bottom round river
  16. Submerge in a pool
  17. Submerge under water
  18. Submerge oneself in water
  19. Flood of ideas?
  20. Flood barriers: var.


  1. Mill delivery
  2. Coolidge and moreno
  3. Corn belt native
  4. Plant or pie place
  5. 1-down's land: abbr.
  6. Instrument for cannonball adderley
  7. Frat boy
  8. Sort of basketball shot