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  1. Title woman of a classic 1928 andré breton novel
  2. Translation of breton author
  3. Old breton, a republican, one macron irritated
  4. Breton, for one
  5. Writer's sweet breton confection
  6. Breton e.g.
  7. ____ breton is recognised as the founder of surrealism
  8. This breton was norman, how surreal is that?
  9. Breton port
  10. Speaker of welsh or breton
  11. British actress born emilie charlotte le breton (7)
  12. Cape breton locale
  13. Gem cut by this breton
  14. Breton or gael
  15. Hurricane that battered cape breton in 1977
  16. To be, to a breton
  17. Breton, say, will bring a number of items to part of england shortly
  18. Cape breton's _____trail
  19. Welsh mouth to breton river? there's freakishness for you!
  20. Collier sick inside with breton producer


  1. Wine locale, sometimes
  2. Lottery winners whoop
  3. Theyre not kyoto cash
  4. One of ten in a strike
  5. Tank part
  6. Word before duty or center
  7. Pastoral bunch
  8. Manufactured buildings