The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with U.
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Added on Thursday, September 29, 2022

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  1. Uranus
    1. Planet beyond saturn
    2. Vessel not closing, opening for god
    3. North american following a sport returned with heavenly body
    4. Neighbor of neptune
    5. Father of the titans
    6. Neighbor of saturn


  1. First planet discovered using a telescope
  2. Puerto ricos telescope formerly the worlds largest single aperture telescope
  3. Telescope, space telescope at palomar observatory, san diego county
  4. First planet to be identified with a telescope
  5. Type of telescope son discovered in box one relative brought round
  6. William —; astronomer who discovered the planet uranus
  7. Dwarf planet discovered in 1930
  8. Dwarf planet discovered in 2005
  9. Planet discovered in 1781
  10. Astronomer who discovered the planet uranus in 1781
  11. Planet discovered in 1781 by herschel
  12. Planet discovered in 1930
  13. Dwarf planet discovered by piazzi
  14. William __, astronomer who discovered the planet uranus in 1781
  15. Planet discovered by sir william herschel in 1781
  16. Space probes discovered salt water buried in planet
  17. Friend supports new planet being discovered, of course
  18. A kuiper belt dwarf planet discovered in 2005
  19. Planet whose rings were discovered in 1979
  20. Planet in our solar system discovered in 1846


  1. Earth, mars or saturn, for example
  2. Balms for aching muscles
  3. Shoots, chinese meal item beloved of pandas
  4. Away from the city center
  5. Nicolas , president of france 2007 12
  6. Move uneasily or awkwardly, like a worm
  7. Coloring in in different strengths with a pencil
  8. Parts of the face, like mouth and eyes