The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "First one cast usually"

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  1. Star
    1. Antares, e.g.
    2. Big name
    3. The sun, for one
    4. Bronze ___
    5. Award of merit
    6. Alpha, beta or gamma


  1. Like first drafts, usually
  2. It's usually played first
  3. They're usually first to
  4. First and foremost, some beer – usually pints – knocked back here?
  5. Intermediate floor (usually between ground and first)
  6. It's usually first into the tub
  7. The first chip, usually
  8. One's first to take deliveries -- and usually runs
  9. One of the first to raise a hand, usually
  10. One on the first side to vote, usually
  11. They're usually first to raise their hands
  12. Diners out usually book table, first of all making reservation
  13. It's usually moved first
  14. Like a first-time tournament player, usually
  15. First form line, usually
  16. Initially, first response usually isn't 'tomato'
  17. Pitcher in the first game of a playoff series, usually
  18. It's usually due on the first of the month
  19. Seat usually in first class
  20. It's usually first on the staff


  1. Amiable chap with feet of normal size
  2. Dangerous date for julius caesar
  3. Profligate consumption's closing french city
  4. Nonsense about henry’s beat
  5. (they/you/we) exist
  6. Footwear at wimbledon?
  7. Main character in the diary of a nobody
  8. Conservative with word of warning referring to type of lens