The answer to this crossword puzzle is 13 letters long and begins with M.
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Crossword Answers for "First black actor to win 2 oscars"

Added on Monday, September 9, 2019

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  1. Mahershalaali
    1. Best supporting actor oscar winner for the 2018 film green book: 2 wds.
    2. 15-across 27-across and 36-across actor whose first major role was on tv's crossing jordan (2 wds.)
    3. Moonlight actor who stars in season three of 48-across (2 wds.)


  1. Actor who won back-to-back best actor oscars in the 1990s (2 wds.)
  2. Director of the first film to win all five top oscars (best picture director actor actress and screenplay)
  3. Actor who has hosted the oscars nine times, a number second only to bob hope
  4. Next film after ''ben-hur'' to win two actor oscars
  5. Actor who presented at the 1973 oscars while a streaker ran past on camera
  6. Actor with oscars for 'spartacus' and 'topkapi'
  7. '90s winner of back-to-back best actor oscars
  8. '70s film that garnered best actor and best actress oscars
  9. Actor mahershala who’s won two oscars in the last three years
  10. Actor affleck with two oscars for writing and producing
  11. Michael _, knighted actor who won oscars for his roles in the cider house rules and hannah and her sisters
  12. Old car that was famously available in black, black ... or black
  13. Last in series and first in oscars — excellent
  14. First woman to host the oscars solo
  15. Rainer who was the first to win consecutive oscars
  16. First director to win back-to-back oscars since mankiewicz
  17. Winning screenwriter at the first oscars
  18. Actor cameron actor fairbanks = actor ___
  19. The first black person to win the academy award for best actor
  20. V.i.p. at the oscars


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