The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with M

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Fight card highlight"

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  1. Mainevent
    1. Title bout, say
    2. Top card
    3. Big fight
    4. In america, passage is at the top of the bill
    5. Top-billing boxing match
    6. Headlining boxer's tirade about bar harbor?


  1. Fight, fight, fight for maryland! singer, familiarly
  2. To pursue case is perhaps to fight a lonely fight
  3. Sch. whose fight song is 'miners fight'
  4. For fight club, it's 'you do not talk about fight club'
  5. Fight and fight for bird
  6. Bird to fight and fight
  7. Winger having to fight and fight
  8. Fight when there's a need to fight
  9. Fight before the main fight, briefly
  10. Concert highlight
  11. Strip to highlight one’s naked glory, primarily
  12. A sports highlight may be
  13. Madama butterfly highlight
  14. Highlight of film?
  15. Opera highlight
  16. Basketball highlight
  17. Daredevils highlight
  18. Jam session highlight
  19. Operatic highlight
  20. Highlight in a zorro movie


  1. Fool bathes with bloodsucker
  2. Member of the aristocracy jokes in pubs
  3. Coll. transcript number
  4. Type of power us agents tackling annual test reviewed
  5. Passion finally erupts when nutmeg's drunk spirits
  6. Giving a bad review to
  7. Modify mother's offer due to basic human rights
  8. When optimists buy ammunition to take aim