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  1. Fifteen divided by fifteen
  2. It means "fifteen" in spanish
  3. Choose no pints or gulping first of fifteen?
  4. ''fifteen miles on the ___ canal''
  5. Fifteen rhizomes, with contents removed, supply starch
  6. Viewing device you had initiated in southern fifteen
  7. Fifteen-season cbs crime drama
  8. Cbs forensic drama that aired for fifteen seasons
  9. Fifteen-a-side sport — olympic event in 1900, 1908, 1920 and 1924
  10. Only for, by the sound of it, in line among fifteen
  11. Pete seeger "fifteen miles on the erie ___"
  12. Insect over two in fifteen
  13. Eighteen hundred and fifteen battle
  14. One of fifteen, number attending party held by employees
  15. Peter, kiwi winner of the eight hundred and fifteen hundred metres olympic titles in tokyo
  16. Seems that b is without the whole of the fifteen of them
  17. Delany, nineteen fifty six olympic fifteen hhundred metre winner
  18. Fifteen player sport ...
  19. Opener in demand, maybe fifteen days after returning for county
  20. The first uk hit for fifteen across


  1. Of very small stature
  2. Pleasant to feel
  3. Dispense tea — rain hard
  4. Spanish city of the guggenheim museum
  5. Like cars at consumer reports
  6. Deck the halls octet
  7. Held in suspense
  8. Safe to be driven