The answer to this crossword puzzle is 3 letters long and begins with B.
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Crossword Answers for "Female stole bishop noah's heart"

Added on Thursday, December 13, 2018


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  1. Boa
    1. It can be constricting
    2. Part of a vamp's costume
    3. Flapper wrapper
    4. Fluffy scarf of feathers
    5. Divas accessory
    6. Constrictor


  1. Dressed in stole when bishop was away
  2. Externally, bishop wearing stole produces a bible
  3. Rod stewart classic with the line "you stole my heart but i love you anyway"
  4. Ruth's man stole hazel's heart
  5. Female with long hair is missing noah
  6. Monsieur blocking 'bishop takes bishop' prior to a general cycle
  7. Bishop has at heart moral fibre to show resistance
  8. Former playgirl's heart goes to single bishop first
  9. Change of heart in what bishop may do, leading to paradise
  10. Fanatical bishop at heart of sudden attack
  11. Pen name of bishop with heart pains writing to order
  12. Oxford churchman and bishop replacing heart of university in staffordshire
  13. Rosemary, perhaps, the female bishop
  14. Female bishop and companion getting in the way
  15. Ring declined after female becomes bishop ...
  16. They sell many a garment -- rich stole, possibly
  17. Feathered stole
  18. Stole, for example
  19. Stole, perhaps
  20. Villagers the grinch stole from in dr. seuss


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  2. Its scent makes an italian man turn red
  3. Very like an opener, by the sound of it
  4. Put a can over this like this and put it in the shrubbery
  5. Your secretary must learn to take it from you
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