CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Fatal"


Do you know the answer?


  1. Deadly
    1. Some e. coli strains are dangerous and __
    2. Lethal tablet swallowed by father only half dissolved
    3. Lethal
    4. Fatal
    5. Day with awful delay in terminal
    6. Lethal, capable of causing fatality


  1. Fatal - tram line
  2. Fatal fabric?
  3. Fatal weakness
  4. Fatal omens
  5. Water nymph with a fatal
  6. Fatal virus
  7. Stare at 20's fatal spot
  8. Ill in chelsea, he developed a fatal weakness
  9. Decreased oxygen to tissues choking also fatal
  10. Toxic fungus as fatal as its name suggests
  11. Deadly fatal
  12. Viral infection carried by animals; can be fatal
  13. Weapon that makes quarrel potentially fatal
  14. Leader who claimed to have put a fatal curse on j.f.k.
  15. Industrial action that could be shocking and fatal
  16. 'fatal attraction' actress is nearby?
  17. Like what is final and what are fatal (4)
  18. The french hoard gold coins, a fatal attraction
  19. That can be a fatal blow with nothing on the end
  20. Has a fatal amount (abbrev)


  1. Tricorder go with
  2. Using abusive language
  3. Disdain for man trying to smuggle grass
  4. Metal tools or implements
  5. ___ kwon do (self-defense system)
  6. Prepared to be given a diet of cheese?
  7. Reached tax arrangement with authority
  8. Do without overdose permanently