The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with R

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Fat person’s pudding"

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  1. _ pudding, a baked sponge pudding with a layer of apple at the bottom
  2. Person looking round for pudding
  3. Wise person cut down, wanting zero pudding?
  4. Podgy person -- pudding
  5. Identified person investigating pudding
  6. Beams, having last of bread-and-butter pudding
  7. Pudding ingredient originally steamed in the past
  8. Jell-o pudding flavor
  9. Pudding ingredient
  10. Ingredient in christmas pudding
  11. Tropical pudding bases
  12. Like a plum pudding
  13. Leave pudding son heartily rejected
  14. Son has a turn making pudding
  15. Port and pudding after 1
  16. Sports administrators tucked into endless snacks and pudding
  17. Steamed pudding ingredien
  18. When talking, leave pudding
  19. Pudding and pie
  20. Host served up last of superb yorkshire pudding


  1. Sir william who wrote 'the principles and practice of medicine'
  2. Collaborating group
  3. Bauhaus offshoot
  4. Rebel ___ (confederate battle cry)
  5. Get lost us informal
  6. Miracle mets' stadium
  7. "they'll ambush you if you go in there!"
  8. Cold, at a 37-/40-across