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  1. London-born actress who played fallon carrington colby in us television soap dynasty
  2. *portrayer of fallon carrington colby on dynasty
  3. Grammy-winning drummer ___ lyne carrington
  4. __ carrington original surrealist painter
  5. Mrs. blake carrington on "dynasty"
  6. The sly tory can't possibly be associated with carrington
  7. James carrington song about hurt?
  8. Exploits of tv's carrington family
  9. Having the strength to admit miss carrington is winning
  10. The carrington saga
  11. Ms carrington's forename as played by joan collins
  12. Younger son of blake carrington in dynasty
  13. John __; played blake carrington in dynasty
  14. Blake carrington's first wife in dynasty
  15. John — actor who played blake carrington in us television drama series dynasty
  16. Jay who preceded jimmy fallon
  17. He finished hosting “the tonight show” 12 years before fallon was born
  18. Fallon's show
  19. Fallon's predecessor-to-be
  20. Show on which jimmy fallon once appeared


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  2. Newspaper exclusive
  3. Intricate official routine
  4. Something legal to burn under the clean air act
  5. In reality it's more so!
  6. Dark grains
  7. Gasper
  8. Labour politician and architect of the nhs, d. 1960