The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Fall of troy escapee"

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  1. Aeneas
    1. Son of aphrodite
    2. Leader whom virgil called
    3. Trojan hero
    4. Lover of dido, in myth
    5. Virgil hero
    6. Dido's love


  1. ___ belbenoƮt, noted escapee from devils island
  2. Escapee from a witch in a
  3. Devil's island escapee __
  4. Pound escapee, maybe
  5. Escapee who fell to his d
  6. Escapee's run
  7. Successful escapee
  8. Like an escapee
  9. 1967 film with paul newman as a repeat escapee from a chain gang prison
  10. Escapee in a 1997 spielberg sequel
  11. Chinese water torture cell escapee
  12. Krypton escapee
  13. Escapee from sodom
  14. Sodom escapee
  15. Escapee alert, for ex.
  16. ''jurassic park'' escapee
  17. Bike basket escapee of film
  18. Reality show about a housing development escapee
  19. Escapee from miss gulch's basket
  20. "grapes of wrath" escapee


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