The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with H

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Falcon headed son of osiris"

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  1. Horus
    1. Egyptian sky god
    2. Falcon-headed god
    3. Egyptian deity whose eye is known to viewers of only connect?
    4. Egyptian god with a falcon's head
    5. Deity taking note of company of singers
    6. Falcon-headed god of egypt


  1. Falcon-headed god
  2. Falcon-headed god of egypt
  3. Osiris' sis
  4. Osiris' wife
  5. Brother and murderer of osiris
  6. Wife of osiris, in myth
  7. Kin of osiris
  8. Wife/sister of osiris
  9. Question from an uncertain osiris?
  10. Mrs osiris
  11. Item with which osiris is usually pictured
  12. Beloved of osiris
  13. Evil brother of osiris
  14. Osiris feature
  15. Mourner of osiris
  16. Ancient egyptian fertility goddess; wife and sister of osiris
  17. Alicia of "falcon crest"
  18. American falcon
  19. Falcon rocket launcher
  20. Company behind the falcon 9 launch vehicle


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