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  1. 1986 film originally called 'mauvais sang'
  2. Opposite of mauvais
  3. Mauvais cheval
  4. Signes de mauvais temps
  5. French playwright of the belle epoque, known for his many lively farces
  6. Georges -, french writer of farces
  7. Farces and spoofs
  8. Brian actor noted for whitehall theatre farces such as dry rot and simple spymen
  9. Georges french dramatist whose farces include la dame de chez maxim
  10. Jokers, wags, writers of farces
  11. Laissez-faire doctrine
  12. Laissez-faire
  13. Renaissance faire weapon
  14. Renaissance faire events
  15. Renaissance faire instrument
  16. Renaissance faire quaff
  17. Possessed of savoir-faire
  18. Savoir-faire
  19. Extreme laissez-faire
  20. Renaissance faire sight


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  4. Important for pit not to be empty
  5. In dr spooners view, arab leader upset temporary arrangement
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